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With the help of like-minded people, countries can be strengthened and democracy and flourish

The Leavitt Institute for International Development is only able to complete its work through the help of volunteer legal professionals, primarily from the United States and Canada, who travel to developing nations on behalf of TLI to share of their time and talents.

Here are three ways you can help TLI further its mission:

Volunteer to teach

Visiting professionals travel to teach a two-week segment of a two-semester course on adversarial proceedings, ethics, and the rule of law to students in a two or three different law schools. All legal professionals add to the students’ rich understanding of how a stable, transparent, ethical legal system operates.

To take part in this teaching opportunity, professionals donate $3,000 and two weeks of their time. TLI staff then makes all arrangements including airfare, housing, and in-country transportation. Those who have taken part in this experience say it is one of the highlights of their career.

Share with others

The majority of those who have volunteered with TLI have done so based on the recommendation of someone else who had previously participated in the program. Please share the details of this program with your legal colleagues. Many people would be interested in participating in this experience but are simply unaware it exists.

Financially sponsor someone else

There are many attorneys who desperately would like to travel to our participating countries to teach but cannot make the financial contribution to participate. Those who have the financial ability are urged to consider sponsoring another attorney’s participation.

Volunteer now!

To sign up to teach or for further information about getting involved in TLI’s initiatives, please contact j.teuscher@leavittinstitute.org or 801-228-8283.