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Vladislava Martin was born April 16, 1994 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She was appointed in July 2017 as Country Director in Poland for The Leavitt Institute for International Development. She is a law graduate and received her bachelor’s degree from Moldova State University. Vlada first became involved with TLI in September 2013. As a student she advanced twice to the semi-finals of the National Mock Trial Competition. In 2015, she was selected as an intern for the TLI Summer Internship Program in Utah. This experience completely changed her point of view regarding the legal system as she learned how to think critically. After her internship, Vlada was named TLI Program Coordinator. She was promoted to Country Director after TLI decided to expand its work in Poland. Vlada is thrilled to be involved with TLI and its mission of promoting democracy, ethics, and the rule of law around the world.