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David Leavitt was admitted to the Utah Bar in 1991 and moved with his wife, Chelom Leavitt, and children to Fillmore, Utah, where he served as the city attorney and maintained a private law practice. He worked there until 1995 when he was appointed Juab County Attorney. After serving eight years as county attorney, in 2003, he again resumed his private practice and entered the field of business. When Mr. Leavitt returned to private practice, he chose to focus on government relations and federal criminal defense. In 2004, the American Bar Association asked Leavitt to spend a year in Kyiv, Ukraine, assisting the Ukrainian government in converting its criminal justice system from a Soviet-style system to one that more closely approximates the American criminal justice system. He accepted the invitation and moved with Chelom and six children to Ukraine. Following his one year stint in Ukraine, David and his wife, Chelom, founded the Leavitt Institute for International Development to continue the work they started. David spends the majority of his time building relationships in developing nations where TLI may be able to expand its program.